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Who I am

Greetings, dear friends! I am Lorraine Williams-Trezevant.

With profound gratitude for the talents bestowed upon me by the divine, I am honored to introduce you to Raines Classy Crafts / Designs by Riane.

God's blessings have granted me the gift of crafting and designing, and it is with these talents that I embark on a journey to create timeless, custom creations. From exquisite crafts to the most enchanting sets, my goal is to bring beauty to all occasions, be they formal gatherings, casual cookouts, or joyful receptions.

Join me on this artistic voyage as we transform ordinary moments into extraordinary memories. Welcome to Raines Classy Crafts / Designs by Riane, where creativity and elegance unite! 

At Raines Classy Crafts, our mission is to infuse creativity and elegance into every moment. We are dedicated to using our God-given talents in crafting and design to enhance the beauty of special occasions, both formal and informal. Our commitment is to provide custom, classic crafts and stunning designs that reflect the unique vision and desires of our clients.

We aspire to create an atmosphere of artistry, where each creation is a testament to the love and care we put into our work. With unwavering dedication to quality and innovation, we aim to transform ordinary gatherings into extraordinary, memorable experiences.

Through Raines Classy Crafts, we strive to share the joy of celebrating life's moments with style, sophistication, and a touch of artistic magic.

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